Christmas in July with The White Company

Anyone who knows me knows how much I ADORE The White Company! So you can imagine how giddy with excitement I was to receive an invitation to preview their (always anticipated) Christmas collection in July. There was no way I was going to miss it... Even if I was away with the family in Devon that week!

I hopped on a train and had an amazing day in London, meeting the beautiful Jules from This is Jules who is seriously as gorgeous and kind in person as she is on her blog and IG. Also caught up with Denise from @aboutthshaus on IG and spilled the beans on my massive interior envy and introduced her to Uber :) bubbly Kirstie from A Little Crisp Blog and the beautiful Lauren from Hunters & Heels , her mum Jan, and caught some major baby fever from little Rory!

Although it couldn't have felt further from Christmas on that hot July Wednesday afternoon in London, from the second I stepped into TWC Christmas I was dreaming of cashmere weather by the log fire, mulled wine in hand. The smell was utterly divine, that distinctive swirl of cinnamon, clove and fresh orange, I quickly forgot aaaaaall about summer!

The Winter Candle (which was scattered everywhere) is, by far, my all time favourite festive scent - and for good reason - its the most evocative smell, instantly transporting me to December and the happiest of memories! I buy at least a dozen every year for myself and keep a few spare as last minute hostess gifts. My biggest struggle is waiting until after Thanksgiving to light it.


Homewear gets even better (if thats possible!!) with crisp white linens layered with chunky knit throws and bedspreads, beautiful sparkling accessories to adorn trees and bedside tables!

Now - this Le Cruset pot! I have owned one in orange for 9 years, use it at least once weekly, and it still looks as fabulous as the day we received it as a wedding gift! I don't know anyone who wouldn't be excited to receive one of these! The white is a timeless colour that I would swap my loud orange one for in a heart beat!! However, you'll have to look at it online or in store as I was too busy oogling it to get a picture worth it's salt! Did someone say salt? Yep they have coordinating salt and pepper grinders too! (I know I'm cringing at that joke too!!)


Then there's these amaaaazing brushed cotton sheets - meaning I'd have little hope of getting the kids out of my bed, they're like diving into a giant cosy cuddle!!! I think this is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK!? Because I grew up with these in America and we called them flannel sheets - I had been searching high and low for them for years here! So glad you Brits having finally caught up ;) If you haven't had a winter night sleeping on a pair of these you are missing out my friends!

Now I don't know about you but I'm awful at buying myself clothes and treats! I think with having three kids I always find it a an unnecessary expense and inevitably feel guilty. I know - I know! But its how it is! So when I do splurge on me it has got to be something that is going to be beautiful, versatile and pass my 30 wears rule. The White Company clothing pass all those for me and I still get excited pulling out jumpers from 5 years ago. There's gloriously long coats and thick jumpers, substantial jeans and pieces to mix and layer to your hearts content. A rich fig, one of my favourite colours, was so subtly mixed in with the navy, blacks, whites and greys, looking so elegant!


They somehow even make 'slubbing' at home look glamorous!  


Ok, so a fact, (which I'll have to revisit later) I have just about the best mother in law in the world, who treats me to a little luxury in the form of a cardigan or jumper every year for Christmas - I love seeing that white box under the tree and untie it with such anticipation! This season is full of beauties and there are TOO many to choose from! But this classic oversized grey one has certainly got a vote from me for some cosy days ahead! 



There were some beautiful accessories on offer, as well as their growing footwear collection... wouldn't adding these amazing sandals and a little lippy make any outfit a perfect evening look!?

(Also ... these  giant sheepskins  were everywhere!!! If I hadn't thought I might get a few odd looks I would have kicked off my sandals and curled my toes into one!!)

(Also ... these giant sheepskins were everywhere!!! If I hadn't thought I might get a few odd looks I would have kicked off my sandals and curled my toes into one!!)


Now - The Little White Company is where I go seriously weak at the knees!! Because everything is cuter (and totally guilt free!) when buying in tiny sizes! Their Christmas pyjamas are a perfect example of that, ranging from adorable patterned jersey onesies to the fabulous classic tartan and gingham sets , I have no doubt Father Christmas himself would be envious of! Finishing it off with the sweetest slippers and robes we use year round, TLWC is a total do-no-wrong buy! 


My favourite evolution of the brand has got to be the addtion of books. Eva and Georgia have been collecting the beautiful Beatrix Potter books from Aunts and Dear Friends for years and we still have more to add to our collection. Not to mention this stunning addition of The Velveteen Rabbit which will most certainly be finding its way into our home this Christmas.


...And Finally no Christmas would be complete without a perfect white bunny poking out the top of Eva's knit Christmas stocking, a tradition which shows no end in sight!

* * * *

I think for me what sets The White Company apart is that, I can not think of any other brand, who year upon year, consistently gets it so right; Delivering its own mix of classic style and unrivaled quality; Whilst still managing to transform every season into exactly what you love and more than you hoped for... And this season is certainly no exception! Hope you all enjoyed a little sneaky peek!! I know I did! Thanks so much for having me The White Company!