A nervous start...

Hi! I’m Bridget, an American girl living in beautiful Harrogate, England. Wife to Peter and mum to three gorgeous children (and another of the four legged furry variety), serial over punctuator (!!!) photo taker and frequent baker.

If you’ve got beyond that first paragraph - thank you! It actually means so much more than you know! I have been wanting to hit the 'publish' button for some time now but have been paralysed by fears and the most atrocious procrastination! What if no one reads it, or cares? What if family and friends read it and think its silly? Well, I’ve been given a good talking to and received an enormous amount of support from loved ones as well as some fabulous people I barely know!

A little bit about me…

I moved from New York to England as a teenager, and at 19, I met my (now) husband and it was love at first sight… for him!! ;) We quickly moved in together, were engaged two years later, married in Tuscany 4 1/2 months after that and had our son Charlie 15 months later! We’ve been busy having babies, moving house and traveling ever since.

I’m now the immensely proud mama of Charlie 7 1/2, Eva 5, Georgia 2 and Maggie 60 (doggie years) I am late more than punctual, drink more tea than necessary and will most likely be found in jeans and boots 6/7 days of the week!

I’ve been instagramming for years and value the friendships and inspiration I’ve gained through the community that little app on my phone brings. Here, you can expect more of that, with an overshare of pictures, travel, parenting, interiors, lifestyle and food. Meaning exciting travel adventures may be followed up by mundane potty training posts :)

So here’s my outlet to share a little bit about our ever changing days with my family, in an honest and positive way, hopefully with a good helping of humour!

I’d always love for you to let me know what you think, please feel free to chime in with comments or shoot me an email!

Bridget x