Christmas Box

So I asked you all on Instagram stories what you wanted to see next and I was inundated with requests for our Christmas box! This little tradition started years ago when Charlie was a baby and has evolved over the years with new additions... things like bringing a new family friend in Elf form! Basically though, it’s a box that Santa sends us before Christmas full of Christmas jammies, chocolates and a letter writing set, all arriving in our North Pole hamper on the 1st of December! 

When I was younger we always got our Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. We were allowed to open that one present and then go to sleep all snuggled up in those new festive jim jams full of excitement. I remember that feeling so vividly and while I loved it, as the Mum myself now I think... wouldn’t it be lovely for them to have a bit more wear in those pyjamas? For all the tree decorating, festive baking, snuggling by the fire with hot chocolates and early morning viewings of Elf... I want those merry moments in Christmas jammies!!

So the box... it’s a beautiful wicker hamper from Polar Post, with buckled straps, handles and NORTH POLE stamped on the outside. I really love this hamper, we bought it years ago and have used the hamper over and over again, we store our Christmas books in it for the rest of the year and the quality is fantastic so I’m sure we’ll be using it for years to come! 


Our beautiful hamper from Polar Post.

Our beautiful hamper from Polar Post.

This cute luggage tag joined us this year... these little details really make it for me!

Christmas box luggage tag, the perfect little details, personalised for ‘The MacKinnon Children’ and stamped with ‘ nice ’

Christmas box luggage tag, the perfect little details, personalised for ‘The MacKinnon Children’ and stamped with ‘nice

When it comes to the pyjamas, Santa likes to go traditional ;) for the past few years we have chosen pieces from La Coqueta. The quality is amazing, they wash and wash and wash some more and still look smashing handing down to siblings. But really what I love most about them is the styles they offer, which include sweet nightdresses for the girls and classic button down two pieces for boys. They are easy to coordinate siblings and go all the way to size 10, difficult to find at the moment. While they may seem a little bit more on the pricey side, they’ll be worn all year, in fact Eva’s still wearing a night dress from two years ago!!

I get the girls little coordinating knee socks too, also from La Coqueta.

A box full of festive cheer!

A box full of festive cheer!

We also get some slightly more fun ones, perhaps more ‘obvious’ Christmas themed ones (from us!) The White Company and Sleepy Doe have beautiful soft sets this year, both of which we’ve got our eye on! But from Father Christmas - these are our go to!

What else is in the box? Well while this started as just pyjamas now we have a few other bits we squeeze in! This copy of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ is the same copy I bought when I had a little 4 week old baby Charlie for his first Christmas. Daddy reads it every Christmas Eve, a moment sure to give me the misty mummy eyes. 


Father Christmas himself dedicated our book!  

There is also an ornament or two, something specifically that sums up our family or kid’s interests that year - this year we’ve done a bit of travelling - and hope to continue that theme this coming year, so this sparkly globe seemed just the right fit!


There is of course some edible treats in the form of North Pole currency, gold coins. Marks and Spencer’s are fab, but you can’t beat a giant Betty’s coin either! 

Also Elfie, our dedicated elf, sent by The Big Man himself arrives in the box, ready to keep the kids of top form behaviour in the exciting, sugar induced lead up to the Main Event. I can’t really talk too much about Elf. The children love it and we can’t go back now, there have been some hairy moments, walking up bolt right to remember Elfie hadn’t made his travels that night…but Elf on the Shelf for the most part is a sweet tradition.

Now some more magic from Polar Post... this beautiful letter writing set. The kids will write their lists and send it off nice and early, so there’s plenty of time for Mr. C to get sorted ;) Again I can’t stress enough the spectacular attention to detail on anything received from Polar Post, the design, envelopes, stamps, thick paper, it screams authentic! 

The Letter to Santa stationrt set, comes with letterhead, engraved envelope, stamp and all the magic included!

The Letter to Santa stationrt set, comes with letterhead, engraved envelope, stamp and all the magic included!

The Logistics…

Ours arrives in the evening, daddy goes out the back door discreetly, places it on the door step, rings the bell and RUNS!!! (Sensibly I know others who just have it there waiting in the morning. Hindsight is beautiful though eh?)

Order things in plenty of time. Especially if you’re shopping independently or for personalised items.

Save pieces from year to year, the hamper, the filler, the long red ribbon and any other things you can.

Have fun with it, don’t sweat the small stuff, us parents worry about it being ‘perfect’ much more than children!

In years past there’s been hot chocolate, marshmallows and special mugs...this year I just ran out of time! If you’d like to hear more about our festive traditions and what makes the season for me, I was a guest on Polar Post’s blog last year, just here.

I hope that was helpful! And if you’re thinking you want to get started this year, there’s no reason you can’t have it arrive a little later - what about having it arrive for the 12 days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, or just the average Tuesday when you’ve got yourself together!? There’s no hard and fast rules! The kids will love all the magic, however you make it! ✨

Bridget MacKinnon